1 02 2013

OK-SAFE, Inc. Blog

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Re-posting an important message from ROPE (Restore Oklahoma Public Education) on this week’s national promotion of “School Choice”.  School Choice advocates are missing the mark if they don’t understand the dangers of adopting the “federalized” curriculum known as the Common Core State Standards.

Even homeschoolers are not immune to the threat of a “federalized” curriculum; some organizations are promoting teaching material promoting the “federalized” Common Core standard, to the detriment of the homeschool movement.

Read more from ROPE:

This week is School Choice Week across the nation.  For a number of years now, Republican-based organizations from Heritage Foundation to Friedman Foundation to our own OCPA, have been calling for School Choice. 

We here at ROPE believe that parental choice is of ULTIMATE importance in the creation of education that works for students and families.  Gone should be the days in which children are locked into districts whose…

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