Rep. Ritze Sends Letter Inviting Gun Company to Oklahoma

7 03 2013
Rep. Mike Ritze

Rep. Mike Ritze

Today an Oklahoma Lawmaker, since Colorado is enacting stricter gun control measures, has sent a letter to the president of a Colorado-based manufacture of magazines and other gun accessories urging the company to relocate to Oklahoma.

Richard Fitzpatrick, the president of MagPul, warned Colorado lawmakers that he would leave the state if they enacted gun control. Colorado went through with new gun control measures and MagPul announced they would soon leave that state.

“We would gladly accept MagPul here in Oklahoma,” said Ritze, R-Broken Arrow. “America is under attack by anti-gun activists who have no respect for our nation’s inherent 2nd Amendment rights. This lack of respect penalizes law-abiding citizens as well as good companies like this one. We support MagPul in its efforts to move to a state that is friendlier to do business in and we hope they will move their operations to Oklahoma.”

Currently based in Boulder, Colo., MagPul has produced high-capacity gun magazines and firearms accessories since 1999. Founded in the basement of former Marine Corps. Sergeant Richard Fitzpatrick, he issued an ultimatum to Colorado political leadership that he would move his company if they passed gun control measures such as House Bill 1224. That measure recently passed the Colorado state House and now is awaiting consideration in the state Senate.




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