27 03 2013


OK-SAFE, Inc. Blog

OK-SAFE, Inc. – As evidence of the attempt by the “economic elite” to block everyday people from filing for office in Oklahoma, we have SB 76, by Russ of the House/Fields of the Senate.

Bag of MoneySB 76  increases various filing fees for candidates by 200%, 300%, and more.

Unfortunately, this bill has already passed the Senate and is now in the House Appropriations and Budget committee.  It is scheduled to be heard Wed. 3/27/13 at 4:30 pm.

Emails/Calls are needed today to stop this bill from getting the House floor.

Link to bill:

Proposed Filing fee increases:  

  • To file as a candidate for office – from $200 to $400
  • To run for Governor – from $1500 to $3000
  • To run for U.S. Senate – from $750 to $2000
  • To run for U.S. Congress – from $500 to $1500
  • And adds a $1000 filing fee to run for the following…

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