SB 640 Medicaid Expansion Bill Won’t Be Heard This Session

9 05 2013

Way to go Grassroots we did it again!!!

OK-SAFE, Inc. Blog

Ok-SAFE – As evidence that the backlash against the expansion of Medicaid in Oklahoma has been successful, the following three articles have appeared in the Tulsa World.

Of particular note is the announcement today by Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman that SB 640 by Crain/Cox will not be heard this session.  The Crain/Cox bill was attempting to authorize the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to use the existing Insure Oklahoma system to expand Medicaid in the state of Oklahoma.

Follow these links for the complete stories.

Bill to take Medicaid money won’t be heard this year

The bill would main alive for consideration next year.

Published: 5/9/2013
Format: Online

Insure Oklahoma to lose federal funding unless it conforms to ‘Obamacare’

Federal officials say they won’t continue to help pay for the Insure Oklahoma program unless the state agrees to changes to make it conform with ‘Obamacare.’

Published: 5/9/2013

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